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Where to Buy and How to Choose the Best Tarot Cards

Knowing the best place to buy your tarot card is the first essential part

The key to buying the best deck is simple. Oh, let’s face it, it is rare to experience the perfect tarot deck. You may find the perfect one for you right away. This is unusual. The problem is that today there are many large decks of cards on the market, and every year many more come back. How can you afford an extra deck?

Can I sail together in the past? No. I have read with four or five favorite decks. I support some of them because they are incredible, others because they are extravagant, others because they are precious, and you will discover some I do not like at all. They were mistakes that I bought on a whim without ever really seeing them. I hope I can help you avoid these expensive mistakes when you buy your first tarot cards, or maybe the next ones, or maybe the twenties. So, if you want to buy a tarot deck, here are places you can buy from.

Know all about tarot

Metaphysical Store

If you are lucky enough to have a witch store in your region, make friends with the manager. In any case, you will be happy to advise on tarot cards, unless they are understood and analyzed by yourself, in which case you may not get excellent guidance. It is wonderful if they have a sample of accessible decks that you can navigate. The store will also have the opportunity to buy decks to your advantage.

If you pass your hands about ten centimeters above the covers and see if the palms of your hands get warm inside a particular cover. Be careful, but this is me watching Glastonbury… I bought the cover, I love it, but I’m not convinced.

I have received many covers from Amazon, I have not counted others. With complete cost, efficiency can not be beaten. I enjoy reading customer testimonials because they come from a wide range of experiences, from beginners to professionals. It’s a shame they don’t have photos of people anymore because that’s where the long hours of research pay off.

My most valuable covers are the ones I bought on eBay. I think it is worth a lot today. You have to understand what you are looking for and feel free to pay more than the fees for new tires, which are much cheaper on Amazon.

When it comes to eBay, the problem with used tarot seems to be there. In fact, I think it is wonderful to have a deck of cards as “lived” as it has been. I have heard of people throwing away cards instantly. Make sure you do it with shiny cards or probably end up with a new disaster!

Choosing the Best Deck for You

It is the basic deck, modern. It is the standard on which the cards of tens of thousands of other deck founders are based. It is a fantastic deck, and sooner or later you will want to buy a copy of it. However, it is unlikely to make your heart beat faster. A “clone” may look horrible, but it means that it is a deck of cards that uses the original symbols, but gets a new look or a new interpretation from its founder.

So I suggest you take some of the first two options – the Rider-Waite. I would stay away from this old but still ordinary Marseille deck, combined with the famous Thoth. Marseilles has just revealed to you that the significant symbol of the controversy multiplied by the card’s total amount. Execute your ideas.