Gerald Bokor's Story

Hello, my name is Gerald Bokor and I was at one time a patient at Maybury.

I was one of the “Garden City Children” my time there was 1/4/1966 and released around 9/66 it was a long short stay. I was one of the first children who attended the Hansel & Gretel Nursery School in GC, when it was discovered that one of the teachers had passed TB to a large number of us kids. I celebrated my 5th birthday within the gates of Maybury and can recall that day well, my parents came bearing Batman capes for all the kids and a large Batman sheet cake, we carried on for some time and the parents left and the capes we taken and it was business as usual.

I don’t recall any harsh times but I do remember being tied to my bed with what I remember being some type of harness, which I wore often, after my secret solo field trip on the elevator to visit the girls on the adjacent floor. I do remember stainless steel bed pans and urinals that we were to use for I’m sure documentation reasons. I recall big large pills that needed to be crushed and mixed with water or milk, I remember well the day my parents dropped me off and the world as I knew it seemed to end. I can still remember certain days there and laugh, I often think of the day mom and dad came to visit and I hid under a table as they walked in and the saw a made bed with no me in it, the look of terror on my mothers face I knew what I had planned to be a trick was not playing out.

It was a strange time in my life and would be expected to be in any child’s life to be removed from home and placed in this type of environment, I often wonder if it has affected me in some deep way but I don’t know. However I do realize at this stage in my life that if it wasn’t for my doctor and the staff at Maybury that the out come may have been very different even yet. I have learned that after leaving Michigan that the hospital no longer stands and that the only thing that remains is a large barn. It’s sad to think of all the sickness suffered there at the same time the healing and care that took place as well and it’s great that there are memories on the web pertaining to the Sanatorium. Oh the other thing I recall very well is a lot of cream corn, and hot dogs.

Gerald Bokor

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  1. Hello all,
    I remember Mayberry as being a real errie place. 1960-61 it stold both my sisters and one of my brothers. My baby brother was only there for observation for 2 months and my youngest sister was there for four months. My sister was ther for 8months and we were told she actually had Tb. They all got it from a babysitter we had that was a runaway from Herman Keifer. Us older kids were not allowed to visit with our siblings so not only were my siblings torn from us but we were torn from them.I remember my parents bringing my sisters (the one that was there 8months) Pajamas home to be laundry because if the hospital did them they would come back completley bleached out or they didnt come back at all. It was a sad time with the kids being there and I thank the Lord they came out well. My brother has passed now but my two sisters are alive and doing well.

    (Posted on 2015-11-02 02:11:00 by )
  2. Hello, my name is John Powers. I was a patient at Maybury from January 1964 to June 1964. I can recall the dates so well because I celebrated my 7th birthday just a couple of weeks into my stay, on 2/7/1964.

    My brother James, age 1, sister Mary, age3, cousin Eugene Stevens, age 3, and cousin Lois Stoughton, age 4, all arrived together that January. We all were released together that June.

    I remember waking up in the morning and having a sign hanging on my bed, which meant I would have no breakfast, because i was going to get the tube down my throat later that day. It was awful trying to gag that tube down. The drs and nurses were encouraging, but it was very hard to do. I remember them telling me to pretend it was a piece of spaghetti and swallow.

    My cousin and I were on the girls floor for a period of time, because of over-crowding on the boys floor. Not in the ward, but down the hall in a room. If we were good, on occasion, the nurses would let us go down to the end of the hall to the ward and watch tv with the girls. This was a highlight because my little sis, and my cousin were in that ward.

    My Father and Mother were both hospitalized during this time also, at Herman Keifer, I believe, so we almost never had visitors. Occasionally Grandparents or Aunts and Uncles would visit, but this was very rare as I recall.

    Later we were moved to the boys floor, and stayed in the ward at the end of the hall. I recall that there were 16 beds in the ward. 8 cribs and 8 beds. There was a screen porch at the end of the ward were we could look down at people and cars, some sort of a driveway.

    Well, this has been therapeutic. I have a million memories of my stay. Maybe I'll post more at another time.

    (Posted on 2014-12-19 22:25:00 by )
  3. I recently moved back to Michigan, once out of high school in 1979 I ventured out to Ca. Now older (much) with a 16 year old son at my side I'm back where it all began.

    First week I was in town I drove out to the old Maybury site, not much in the way of anything, not that I wanted to see much but maybe thought I would walk the old foundations. Seems they managed to hide any part of that era. It's not allowed to venture off paths.

    I don't know what it is that sticks in my mind about this place maybe its my mortality. I truly feel that once you check into a place like that and your lucky enough to leave walking, a part of you remians behind, and thats what I think I'm looking for, that part.

    There is a part of me that feels like I've cheated death, I really think anyone who was there that left to go on with life may agree, I wonder why I was so blessed. I feel a bit guilty at times to have had that second chance.And if what I did with my life was worthy.

    (Posted on 2014-10-16 16:09:00 by )
  4. My memories of Maybury (1958) are very few. I was 5 and stayed there 6 months. I only know this from being told. I do remember the big porch area where we were taken for fresh air and sunshine. Also, I recall milk being pushed on us like crazy, which was fine because I loved milk. I have a vague memory of being tied to a bed with a harness, but don't recall if that was regularly or occasionally. The one big memory I have is when I didn't want to nap one day. The nurse was harsh and told me that if I didn't take my nap, she would put me on the porch that night and let the boogeyman take me away. I was pretty much terrified of the nurses and the overall memory of my stay there is not pleasant. Although I will say I am here today to talk about it.

    (Posted on 2014-07-15 02:35:00 by )
  5. Hi, Does any one remember Genevieve Schultz? I found her on the 1930 Census at Maybury. No one in the family spoke about this so I was surprised. Any information would be great

    Thank you

    (Posted on 2013-06-30 19:20:00 by )
  6. nathaniel cathey again i forgot to mention that i was one of the few black children at maybury i was very light skined with lighht sandy hair ...cant remember what ward or bldg..i do remember that i thiught all the nurses were my mother wish i could find just one to tell her thank now 71 years and still looking for traces of my past

    (Posted on 2013-03-31 21:28:00 by )
  7. i was in maybury from 1943 till about 1946,i started school there i i do remember a few things my steel bed..i didnt go out side till i started problem is my mother is 94 and she does not have any paper work.can some body help me find proof that i was there..i am so frustrated ive been trying to get help for some time

    (Posted on 2013-03-31 22:05:00 by )
  8. Luis, OMG! dude. That is you in the picture if I'm not mistaken I have them in a safe deposit box at the bank I will did that stuff out and double check but I'm sure I looked at that right when I entered them.

    I don't know why for a while I got really wrapped up digging and sorting through old news clipping that thank God my grandmother had saved. I think in some way shape or form was looking for some closure.

    I live now in Co. with my two GREAT kids and life is good. That stay there left a long term impression in my memories, and I just can't seem to grasp it. Hell maybe its just mid-life.

    It was great to read your comments, and boy I now remember those tubes. Jesus how medicine has progressed leaps and bounds since those (dark) days lol.

    (Posted on 2010-08-30 21:32:00 by )
  9. Hello,
    My name is Luis Resto.
    I'm flipped out that I found Gerald's story.
    I've been sorting through issues that seem to lead me back to my time at the sanatorium as well.
    I remember most things pretty vividly.
    Biggest memory is that of the sign they would hang at on your bed letting you know you were to get a gastric that day.
    It immediately made you shudder because they'd wrap you in a sheet to keep you still as they put a tube down your throat to gather stomach fluid.
    Mind you, this was the procedure of the time and I'm not sure how else one would go about doing it without restraining the kids. They (being the nurses and doctors) were always trying to be comforting but at that age we really didn't have a clue what was going on. From the first day of being left there I'm guessing in better and worse ways from our parents it really did change us forever. My mother had told me she would be back the following day to take me home and I was ready for that to happen. When it didn't I pretty much freaked. After that, I don't think I've ever reacted that way since.
    Like Gerald said, there was nothing horrible about the place, it just wasn't at all a normal way of passing time at that age.
    In fact, I remember well how we (the kids) sort of had our own version of The Little Rascals hang happening.
    Lights out and we'd often play until we heard nurses coming and all would scamper back to the beds.
    I also remember being taken out once, I'd imagine somewhere in the middle of the stay, and allowed to run in this field.
    It was magical.
    Having not been out for probably 3 months it was like a door to the Land of Oz was opened for a brief moment.
    I also recall the medicine carts that we'd gather around to take cupfills of pills.
    As well, my introduction to Maybury, the urinal/fecal shelving carts that we'd use and it happened to be parked just outside my crib.
    Never forget the odor.
    I believe I read an earlier post of someone asking about a 'Ricky' and he was in the bed next to me.
    He seemed younger as I recall then the rest of us.
    This would be in the second unit I was moved to where I moved up to a bed out of my beginning crib area where I was with Bobby, Eric Wagner, I believe Gerald as well.
    I'd see Gerald at Wayne County general occasionally after we were out and would get checkups.
    One last thing.
    I'm not positive if thats me in the pic.
    Isn't that Kenny Marvaso?
    Take care, maybe we can contact each other Gerald?
    Do you ever cross with Dave Matliss?

    (Posted on 2010-07-08 06:47:00 by )
  10. I recall much, I too remember the screened in balcony which was the only area out doors we were allowed to experiance, I also remember when my brother would visit I had to wave to him from this upper level chicken coop.

    I also recall the tubes they would feed down your throat, cant remember though if they were to make one vomit or what the idea was. There isn't a whole lot of documentation or records left I just have alot of news paper articles my mom and grandmother cut and kept.

    They tell the story only of us kids from the day care, and what a huge story that was for all of us to have gotten this from a teacher/care giver.

    (Posted on 2010-03-28 13:47:00 by )
  11. Hi,
    Guess I was there years before you guys. I went to Maybury when I was 11 years old in 1957. I celebrated my 12th birthday there. I was there from about May until the day after halloween. I can still remember the cold fear of my Grandmother riding in an ambulance to drop me off. It seemed we rode forever from the Alexander Blain Hospital in detroit. I thought they would never see me again. The was a school on one of the floors, but I was not allowed to attend. I was kept from the general population. When the children were taken outside my room partner and I were allowed on the porch.
    I have often wondered why we were isolated. I was told I had T.B. in my stomach.
    When I left the hospital I was taken to Henry Ford Hospital, where I remained until Mother's day 1958. Where I was allowed free reign anywhere in the hospital, provided I did not cross the streets and remain on campus.
    I am wondering if records are available and where they are located.

    (Posted on 2009-08-31 14:34:00 by )
  12. Gerald,
    I believe my time at Maybury was just prior to yours. I recall hearing of an 8 month stay, likely around 62'. My memories are very few, but I want to see if you have any insite into them. I remember 2 boys, Fay Alouisious Burns(sp?), and Ricky (Allen?) they would have been around 4 at the time. I don't know if there are records or archives to check this out or not. I also remember the screened area, which was my only contact with siblings, on an irregular basis. When I saw the photos on this site yesterday, I vividly remember the wooden framing of the screened areas, and that I always looked down from a height to where my siblings gathered. I am triggered by red rubber hose, and especially catheters, as I remember some sort of testing that used this material (sputum or something). I also recall it must have been my first experience with a shower "room" because I remember panicking, thinking they were going to fill the entire room with water for my bath, and I couldn't swim! I don't recall ever being outdoors while there. But I have triggers of the medicine when I see One A Day vitamins, I recall one medicine being dark red, with a mustardy yellow colored substance inside. When I was released to home there was an enormous dark amber bottle of these and I took them frequently.
    There was once a picture of several patients, including my younger sister and myself in red/white polka dot pajamas. Maybe my parents brought those so they would be reissued to us. My parents complained that they would bring things to me, and the items would go missing between visits. I hope I haven't bored nor frightened you with my memories, but none of this ever impacted on me until now, I am wondering about hoqw other kids may have dealt with or experienced their stay at Maybury.

    All the best to you.

    (Posted on 2009-03-19 17:00:00 by )
  13. Upper right front is Eric Wagner, lower left is Louis Rusto, and lower right are my two children Jacob and Cassidy. And yep thats the same bear in both pictures. But he still has all of his hair.


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